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Helpful Tips Lists


Here at Trade Classic Bikes, Richard likes to give you as much information as he possibly can to assist you with your restoration projects or repairs.

If you hover over the PDF files below, the name of the file will appear, once you have the desired file, click on it and it open up for you.


These files are designed to assist in getting the correct part, just use the information supplied and look through the shopping pages which are listed. I have parts which aren't as yet listed, so if the part you are looking for isn't visible then please contact me as it may be in stock.


Whilst every effort is made to supply the correct quality part for your bike, mistakes do happen, so please make contact ASAP after the part has been delivered should it be wrong.


I take  my business seriously, and as such, would rather you inform me of any problems so they can be rectified swiftly. I hope you find this information below helpful.


The information on this page is based on personal experiences, there to be used as a guide and to help to make restorations of your own motorcycle pleasurable.

Battery Information & Charging

Champion & NGK Spark Plug List

Chain Sizes & Technical Details

Do's & Don'ts Buying Guide

Battery Fitment





Power, Pilot, Main Jet Chart

MK 1 Concentric 6 & 9 Series Details

Headlight Rubber Mounts Dimensions

BSA Bantam Wiring diagrams

Pressure Conversion Chart For PSI to BAR


Motorcycle Chain


Winter Storage Of Your Motorcycle

BSA Motorcycle Chain Guide

Re-commisioning After Storage

Thread Sizes & Dimensions

Matchless Motorcycle Chain Guide

Difference In Motorcycle Oil

MKII Concentric 2000, 2600 & 2900 Serires

Spanner Sizes Information Chart

Triumph Motorcycle Chain Guide


Tips & Pointers

Monobloc Carburettor Details

Triumph Conversion Guide

Transfer Application Advice

The Do's & Don'ts Using Grease

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