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Genuine Original Side Stand, for use on BSA models: B31, B33, A7 & A10.

Condition: Used.

Finish: This has been blasted ready for you colour.


Prop Stand Pivot Pin 67-4907

Prop Stand Lug Clip Bolt 28-2338 / 03-1156

Prop Stand Leg 42-4772

Prop Stand Lug Clip Bolt Washer 36-0382

Prop Stand Lug Body Complete 42-4776

Prop Stand Pivot Pin Washer 02-1945

Prop Stand Pivot Pin Split Pin 35-0710

Prop Stand Spring 65-4742

Used Genuine Original Side Stand Set, 42-4772

SKU: 67-4907 / 65-4742 / 42-4772 / 42-4776
Out of Stock
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